Indeed Hi-Fi Lab was established at Dong Guan, Guang dong Province in 2003.Its predecessor was the Indeed Hi-Fi Club.

     Originally, the Club was established by a small group of top Hi-End music lovers, members of which were professional people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the USA and European countries, working in China. They gather together for the exchange of music knowledge, upgrading of sound equipments, and occasionally having internal competitions in a friendly manner. Hence, an exclusive private music club was formed, the Indeed Hi-Fi Club.

     The club became enormous popular amongst local Hi-End music fanatics, many more joined the club. With the encouragement of music fans and members, specialist sound equipment design team was formed. The intention was to make a break-through of the all so long law of Hi-End quality, Hi-End price of sound equipments from the famous makes of the U.S and Europe. 


     Team members were professionals from various backgrounds, i.e., I. T. industry, Electron industry, musicians, Electro-mechanical engineers and so on. Whatever their own professional background is, they only have one aim in mind, that is to work together in design and production of Hi-End sound equipments that are of equal sound quality (if not better) to that of famous makes from the U.S/Europe, but costing just a fraction of their Sky-High price. 

     With the persistent hard work from the team members, combining all their own individual expertise and expert musical knowledge, this ¡®break-through¡¯ was achieved,-high quality Hi-End sound equipments at affordable prices. 

     The most outstanding break-through is that the circuit of our valve amplifier is equivalent to none. As many may know, popular valve amplifiers on the market, such as the KT88, EL34, 805, 845, 300B etc, all have standard circuits. These circuits were designed and used by U.S/European brands several decades ago. In terms of the recording styles used in those days, sadly to say, these circuits were consistent with those days, but out of date with modern day¡¯s needs and expectations. Our valve amplifiers are strictly designed for the present day¡¯s needs and sound source of the future. We have tackled the problems in which many of the traditional amplifiers have enabling us now to achieve enormous ¡°broadness¡± in both high and low End frequencies. The trends become stricter. The detail of the ¡®lingering¡¯ effect of over-tune in musical sound is abundant. The ¡®sense¡¯ of valve is rich and strong. Our valve amplifiers have totally overcome the shortcomings of the past traditional ones. Our design and work are not just old wine in new bottles, but truly bringing the best out of modern design techniques combining modern materials 


     Mr. Peter Cheung is the chief designer of our designer team. He started to design and produce valve amplifiers, and loudspeakers, at an early age whilst studying in Hong Kong. He had been in theatre work for many years, controlling and designing sound effects for many famous stage performances in Hong Kong. He also did sound engineering design for the broadcasting field, and PA system design.

     Mr. Cheung was also critic for the well-known Hong Kong Sound/Music magazine; Fevered Stereo magazine, in which, his script and comments were read by countless fans. He has over 30 years of experience in the theory and the making of sound and music, and we are very proud to have Mr. Cheung as our Chief Designer.

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