807 single-end pure  Class A 15W *2 Integrated Valve Amplifer

As everyone knows, the highest grade in the vale amplifiers is that 300B does not belong to, this good machine person is noble to its, the careful tone quality is always enjoyed, but because 300B is too small in power, only 8 watts, the loudspeaker of difficult general efficiency of uniform on the low side, owe and present strength one of Bass and scene sense with respect wholly. Because of above-mentioned reasons, we beautiful Indeed stereo, develop spend 807 tetrode tube very much , answer unique A circuit of law very much with triode (300B.2A3), making into this best edge toll, there is the following characteristic:

 (1) Noble, fine and smooth sound, surpass more than 300B.

 (2) The motive force that 15 watts of powerful pure As analogizes, can stick and stick to the clothes more than 87 dB of loudspeakers, low frequency is brutal and unreasonable ! Totally capture the weakness of 300B.  

Electron tube: 6N8PX3, 274BX1, 807X2

L*H*W: 33cmX21cmX43cm

Frequency Responsive: 5Hz ----40KHz (+/- 0.5dB)

Out-Put: 15WX2  4Ω/8Ω

Distorted: 10W>0.5%(1KHz)

Noise ration: >92dB     

   The high precision ALPS 24step volume control (click picture)      




The 807 tube first appeared during the second world war, mainly for military use, ie., high frequency radio broadcasting. Its electric current output can be more than 30W.

At that time, the demand for this tube was enormous, therefore, countries in Europe, the U.S.A and U.S.S.R were producing these tubes in great volumes. After the war, these tubes were very popular for general use, and it became the usual tube to use in various industries, like the broadcasting industry, in cinemas etc. First it was the BBC broadcasting station in the U.K, then RAC from the united states, and later on in the 50s 60s, radio stations in Hong Kong started using them.

The reason why the 807 was so popular at the time was that its current flow was relatively high, at 600V direct current. In those days producing such high voltage products were extremely expensive.

The 807 tube was gradually replaced by the later products such as 6L6, EL34, KT88, and these tubes became the main demand for industrial use.


We at Indeed Hi Fi Lab, through research and development, enabled us to change the 807 (FU7) from four ends to three ends, with sound quality similar, if not better than the 300B or 2A3. With single tube pure class A reaching a massive 15W, in its class, and price range, we could say there is no match with any other brands.

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