Can the material of cable change the tone quality?

          There are many articles about the line material of newspapers and magazines of stereo, among them not lack the penetrating creation that the theory combines practice either. But, there is the one that go to extremes too - -Many line material fans take delight in talking about it, someone totalizes repudiate it too. Lack so-called stereo or " expert " that stereo comment correctly either among them , " expert " deny line material function, whether or the one that say line material acts on the role in stereo system very few, function as 1/10 at most. Speech these will inevitable make reader, especially the ABC of audiophile feel at a loss as to what to do for the first time.      

     This text wants to announce two questions: How big on earth first, role in stereo system of line material are, namely can the line material change the tone quality of the stereo? Second, what is the foundation (or the prerequisite) that line material uses?       

     The first question answered; include the contents of two respects again: What is the function of the line material? What is meant by the tone quality?  Roughly there are three kinds of common stereo line material: Signal line, loudspeaker thread and cable. Among them, signal line and function of the loudspeaker thread are:

(A)Transmit the signal;

(B)Impedance is varied;

(C)The sound is modified.       

     The difference between signal line and loudspeaker thread is: What the signal line is transmitted is faint electric signal, it is usually voltage to measure the unit in its range, several hundred millivolts of at the largest range on average to several volts; And what the loudspeaker thread is transmitted is the power signal putting to the loudspeaker in work , usually express its power signal with the electric current with the voltage.         If what signal line and loudspeaker thread are transmitted is an ordinary electric signal, then fulfilling requirements with the ordinary wire, it is enough too to measure its index and use the voltage electric current. However, what the signal line loudspeaker thread is transmitted is that it is reached that frequency is wide the frequency band signal of 20Hz-20kHz, it demands to say higher. " frequency band signal of 20Hz-20kHz " has meaning of two layers:

(A) the frequency range is wide, require the signal to various kinds of frequency of line material to " treat equally without discrimination " , don't force down some signals but redound some signals , don't produce the new born signal not originally had for no reason - -Namely because two or more does not modulate and mix the new surplus signal with frequency;

 (B) even the music that the musical instrument (such as the piano ) sends out is a form note, because of containing the overtone, not single frequency signal, is a frequency band, the signal " group " of the real music tutti (such as the symphony orchestra ), it is a wider frequency band, namely music frequency spectrum , can't produce moving and frequency distortion . Move while being what is called, is it because of line induction reactance and capacitive reactance that material exist , make different music signal of frequency after the line material is transmitted to refer to, some frequency or the frequency band has produced the leading or lagging of the phase place. It is the leading or lagging of some frequency composition or the music composition on displaying the axle and sense of listening to in time, for example the phase place of the high pitch composition lags behind (To mid, bass ) The sense is accepted too quickly by the bass and different difficult ranges of distinguishing its composition or some already existing frequency composition of musical instrument emerged and conveyed original music signal faithfully basically that listen to Transmit the line.  The second function of the signal line loudspeaker thread is that the impedance varies function. Understand that the person of electronic technology knows any stereo set has its index of inputting \ and outputting impedance. In order to make the connection between the stereo set convenient, the more important thing is that avoids the influencing each other of each independent equipment, usually, CD machine enharmonic source and power amplifier are always designed into high input impedance (from several kilohms to several meg ohms). Low to output CD machine of impedance very easy to put and join with high work of input impedance any, needn't consider the question matched in impedance. That is to say, CD the enharmonics sources and work between putting machine, before put grades of work with after grades of work worthy of not if connecting, one question that be matched in impedance ingoing between not putting, and there are only stereo terms “Worthy of connecting ", " match “, They impedance it changes to be connection of two machine and impedance from low to must join the cable to high conversion only - -It is finished that the stereo line material comes. Because each equipment their input impedance different to output \ not merely, one's own output \ input reactance (between induction reactance and capacitive reactance) either the same. The connecting wire material between them is different, transmission results of the signal of the music are different too, and the acoustics that people hear from the loudspeaker is different too. Should also see, to loudspeaker thread, there is a question that impedance varies too. This is because though the work is put the output impedance that is labeled is the same (such as 4 ohms , 6 ohms , 8 ohms), in fact, " match by impedance " like this mean impedance of some frequency (such as 1KHz office ), it is different to show the frequency which outputs the music with the work when the loudspeaker is operated, reactance that loudspeaker appear person who hinder too different, operate work in is it have impedance match at all with stereo for different frequency to put actually, the worthy offing of the two will connect and still vary impedance by the loudspeaker thread. And this kind of impedance is " varied " with the broadcasting and all carrying on every minute of music. Can find out further, it is different that different impedance got up of thread material of cable varies performance and result, therefore the acoustics is different.       

      The third function of the line material is decoration functions to the music. Namely use different line material correctly, can carry on the decoration of different sound to the same music software (such as some CD disc), get such as " bright ", it is the " dim “, " metal flavor ", " it is wooden flavor ", "in angry for foot ", " sound the broad in field “, " blow ear “, decoration comment or style comment that wait a moment for not " dull ".       

Function and characteristic on the line material, a lot of articles announced from the following aspects:

(A)Line material metal conductor material and form used, and the characteristic of its decision;

(B)Result weaving the method and bringing of the line material;

(C)The insulator material used of line material, and the characteristic;

(D)Characteristic of the plug used of line material;

(E)Measured the number value of the resistance , electric capacity , inductance received with the instrument by the line material that the material of several above-mentioned respects and method of weaving produce, and the indexes , such as frequency characteristic ,etc., and corresponding real acoustics . These articles have fully reflected function and characteristic of the line material from other sides; in order to avoid saying what others say repeating, do not go into details here again. In fact, the centers of these articles all include transmitting this content to the stereo signal well. And line material “impedance varies function" in stereo system, view of me. Certainly, it will not really vary impedance automatically, but, the connection function on function influence the tone quality of the stereo directly in the impedance transition, “forming a connecting link " in the middle of two machines of line material.      

      Have view of the above, come what is meaning to say tone quality again. “tone quality ", the generally general meaning is the quality of the sound. However, it includes the contents of three respects in stereo technology:

(A)The pitch of the sound, namely the intensity and range of the audio frequency;

(B)The tone of the sound, namely the number of times of the frequency of the audio frequency or change per second;

(C)Sound of sound, namely audio frequency overtone or in harmony wave composition. Talk about the tone quality of some stereo , mainly weigh three above-mentioned respects of the sound and reach certain level: Namely to a certain frequency or frequency band, the pitch has certain intensity, and within the range of frequency required, under the same volume, each the range a bit frequently is even , balanced , energetic, it is straight that frequency responds the curve: Whether the sound of the sound must be accurate, have already shown the original appearance of the source frequency of the sound or the composition faithfully , distortion and moving and fulfilling requirements again of frequency; The overtone of the sound is moderate , the wave in harmony is relatively abundant , it sounds as if sound is beautiful and beautiful .           In fact, have already talked about above, the line material of certain quality and cooperation of the sound appliances, can transmit audio frequency signal accurate, unlikely to is it diminish distorted and move and frequency distortion of tone quality to cause, and also modify the sound , make the music more beautiful and melodious. So it can certainly say, the line material can really change the tone quality of the stereo.         Explain the second question now: What degree can tone quality reach line material change? What is line material fully received on the foundation and prerequisite of application? Is not function why somebody feels the line material big? A lot of audiophilias, stereo fans have all used the thread material, somebody has changed many signal lines and loudspeaker thread, and the cable too. Why anyone thinks the result not big, does somebody even have a “with the wind”, feeling “fooled "? Where does the question appear on earth? The question is very simple, lie in that the systematic power has not been done well. Say concretely, it is inside power of alternating and direct current of each stereo set and dispatch from foreign news agency used of the equipment to supply power the power has not caused well.  Make the equipment not so-called one power not inside not appearing well, more in at machine of price not low. For example, because the price of the unit is cheap, or design for the province material improperly, the inside power was designed simple and crudely, the ones that adopted No. one power to supply with in the equipment slept in the circuit more, cause useful useless signal of each circuit bunch disturb each other through power, is it modulate alternately to produce, make the signal degradation, the noise has increased even concealed the useful signal, and the effective frequency band of the music becomes narrow. At this moment, it is not very obvious that you change any famous and precious line material result. it has use quality generally or inferior electric capacity, capacity enough to or leak magnetism power transformer have, the small material of thread foot-path of the random cable is bad, is all that inside power is not good, influence the tone quality and change the result of the line directly. Inside power quality is not high, for having electronic respect knowledge and person who has manipulative ability, it can be through the quality changing its power and other respects of the rubbing machine. As to the thing that will not rub machine person, it can only select quality getting through, Hi-Fi equipment with moderate terms for use. The power supply power of so-called outside has not been done well; it is to in the equipment of price more, especially about stereo not advanced it have influence. Do the outside power well, including lay the special-purpose cable specially for the stereo set, line material , line foot-path , weave method , length of cable,, how install, from where installation there is knowledge very much, have different results to different equipment. In addition, to outlet, switch, connect plug-in package have different requests. Especially to ground wire, result in stereo exert a tremendous influence, use power strain wave equipment if isolating the power, straining the wave power, the expecting relatively much of ground wire. What will especially emphasize will be , the internal and external power is very important , which link all pay attention to, for example the fuse and contact plug keep in touch well etc.. In practice, it is often seen that it is not bought that someone is not the stereo set with famous and precious famous brand, the line material of the non- expensive price is not bought, but the power and environment can not catch up with, the sound that the famous and precious equipment comes out is unpleasant, furnishing that the stereo can only turn home into and show off the price, body too.       

      Using still has such a mistaken idea to buy the thread material: Only believe a certain foreign line material, no matter what occasion use it is, In fact even the same stereo set, in different space and power environment, should use different line material. For example, persons who put the sound environment and listen to and the loudspeaker is nearer, it is relatively wide that should use the sound field, listen to the sense and " distribute" some line material, penetrate the back wall of the persons who listen to reflect in order to dissolve the sound again directly, produce " washing directly “, too strong bad result of standing wave. If the environmental space is wide, suck the sound to design properly,it can use various kinds of to put the location law, it should have used focus on, it make a reservation it is the good performance, in material is fine line of foot not angry. What will warn the fan will be, after you test a kind of line material, some people will be attracted deeply by a certain sound , buy it at once. After hearing for some time, think again which respect is improper, this is experience and lessons. So, after being exposed to a kind of line material for the first time and test tentatively, don't draw a conclusion easily, use the repeated test listening of software of different style, different subject matter, appraise and draw a conclusion after a lot of days. In a word, different environment, line of material is it should test more to use, once can be successful. If can one time success, play with because stereo seem the too more easy, always enjoy to stereo for so many people too, go to explore constantly that study.       

      Therefore can think: The function inside Hi-Fi system of line material is very great, not to only function as 1/10. Special apparatus getting high quality have, potentiality is the higher, and the greater the function played by it is. We can say , line material and your stereo system have been matched correctly, its function is not merely function of " giving an added grace to what is already beautiful ", there is a sophisticated appeal very much to but let you feel worth hearing, there is impression that tone quality has topped bar! Whether key your method is correct, whether you are practicing the spirit that is studying constantly. Take the amount of the systematic total price as for the input of your line material, it looks at to be that sound have a partiality for with concrete making with equipment , environment , tone quality, probably accounts for 1/10- 1/ of the proportions. Certainly, the line material is not the omnipotent miraculous cure, just as being above-mentioned, with the quality of the stereo that you use at least, have something to do in a lot of factors, such as foundation of the power, etc..

            It is used in the work and put and ask the line material joined with the audio amplifier specially that the audio amplifier line is the sound appliances, because what the audio amplifier line is conveyed is power signal, there is no too great signal to lose on it, this is requiring the audio amplifier line to have extremely outstanding conductive performance objectively, outstanding conductive performance requires the line material to be capable of conveying very much. The main technical indicator used for weighing these two points is N value and number of share of stock of wire at present. N value is to reflect the parameter that the audio amplifier thread uses the height of purity of metal in making. It should be above 99.99% that metal that the present ordinary audio amplifier line uses is pure, when form 99.99% is reached, 9 is one N to weigh one traditionally, 99.99% is 4N, and 99.99% is called 5N ,99.99 % Named 6N ¡­¡­. High-grade on the market now to have a fever purity degree of one grade of special-purpose audio amplifier lines is generally in above 6-7N. The speed of the signals conveyed while conducting every frequency band frequency of the metal wire is different in the audio amplifier line, especially the signal of some frequency is instead of also having a faint difference along the transfer rate of the axis of the wire along the transfer rate on the wire surface. So, in order to enable being unanimous conveyance result is put from the work, improve the conductive ability of the line material further at the same time , each audio amplifier line mix and twist with many skeins of wire one more, so can improve the conveyance quality of the audio amplifier line further .

          Generally speaking, the more number of share of stock is when N value is equal to, the stronger the ability of conducting of the line is, the lower the line is hindered (impedance), and it is the faster to conduct the speed. Besides audio amplifier line, N value is used for weighing some Line other material, such as coaxial signal line, etc. too. The fevered line material (includes the signal line / the loudspeaker thread) has influence of a certain degree on the sound, the fan has already understood. What was acted is only the role giving an added grace to what is already beautiful in the fevered line material is in the stereo system, if the sound which wants the stereo system has improvement of bigger spoke degree, should adopt other more positive methods . The advanced fevered line material overwhelming majority comes from Europe , U.S.A. , Japan etc, from different countries fevered line material their is it differ from one another to display. Line material of Japan, mostly extremely pay attention to the smooth finish of the purity insulating material of the conductor , and the thread foot-path of the wire , total number of share of stock, do not pay attention to the line material structure , emphasize that improves the result of transmitting with the conductor material of the high purity , its sound behaves more neutral too; Iron trigonometry of Japan ( audio Technical ) , ancient river ( FURUTECH PCOCC), ascend a height ( DENKO) Audio NOTE. The fevered line of U.S.A. is famous for being majestic and violent and stalwart, the quality of the products is superior, making technology exquisite, it display most swift and fierce frequently loud and broad trends, voice clear and frank, the feel is clear; Exceeding the space-time (TARALABS ), strange beast of U.S.A. ( MONSTER CABLE) the line is holy (A.Q. audio Quest), fevered line of Europe material making technology consummate, material weave, shielding , such as being shockproof relatively investigate to line, having better music expression and balanced degree, the appearance is simple and unadorned, suitable for displaying the classical music, it is caused and make use of special knitting skill to dispel and collect the skin effect high, low frequency is distorted, making the sound lifelike naturally, the expression of the music is better. Holland DengHao Fan, height wind (ORTOFON ) , Italian A.R.T of Denmark. Generally speaking, the fevered line materials of America and Europe mostly have a result of transfering the school sound. The congenital individual characters of listener of the persons who because listen to sampling, loudspeaker and amplifier, will influence the sound of hearing. Is it is it transfer with proper wire school produce different fields balanced voice, must find out fan oneself the individual character, stereo set of system at first to go to want, then the wire adopting the individual character to be opposite makes the sound more balanced, but not some respect of inclination of lurching, for example too strong speed of the sound leans towards the slow association and uses and forms and looks like the wiring with clear lines clearly.

            The quality of fevered line material quality can say and fight sizable proportion in transmission result of the conductor material. The most frequently used conductor material is the copper, secondly it is the silver, useful nonmetallic materials if carbon fiber is it make conductor material to come too certainly, so generally daily material the high purity copper on fevered line, it divide into not having oxygen it is electrolytic for copper (OFC), LC-OFC copper, having oxygen form crystalline solid copper (PCOCC) of and Super Pcocc copper, divides 4N, 6N, 7N, 8N according to the purity. OFC Chinese is called having no oxygen and copper, because will not put into the oxide and avoid oxidizing the copper wire produced during the process of smelting copper, the purity is 99.995%. Having longer particles in the copper product of OFC, LM is about 400, so can make performance improve and reduced the distortion further , one voice, OFC of copper wire than adopt high ordinary copper of purity make the same line that design material clear smoothness and heavy trends even more. LC - Its purity of copper wire of OFC has no oxygen and has slightly higher copper more than OFC, but still range when it is at 4N in, characteristic it is conductive than  OFC copper is fine. PCOCC copper is cast the high purity copper that the law produced by OCC. Smelting the high purity copper wire that the law reels off raw silk from cocoons to appear with OCC is PCOCC. The characteristic of PCOCC is that copper and crystalline solid are big, it is 99.996% that the purity of the copper is promoted; the electric conductivity is certainly promoted even more ideally. PCOCC The line material has possessed the important characteristic on signal transmission, the influence that it reached the minimum impurity in transmitting the direction, few or does not have a demarcation line , have level and smooth surface and compliance of the characteristic, therefore can convey the extremely clear signal . Super PCOCC brings the purity of the copper up to 99.997% (6N), its impurity content is lower, and certainly the electric conductivity is finer than PCOCC copper.

How enormously does the impact on stereo of line material have? Can be summed up for every following main point according to our Indeed stereo practical experience:

(1) Collects the application of the skin effect
     Collect the basic theories of the skin effect, high frequency concentrates on the conductor surface to convey, low frequency is conveyed only in the conductor centre. So, much skeins area of wire make to high frequency because of increasing in superficial area convey energy to increase, feel in listening to the sense that a high frequency amount sense has increased; the low frequency amount sense increases on the contrary.

(2)Application of the different metal of conductor
     Nowadays the best conductive metal in the world, the superconductor is too. But lead on-linly in the stereo at the present stage, because of the technological reason, yet all right application. Whether can make stereo metal that wire use successively under normal atmospheric temperature. Platinum, silver, copper, gold, aluminium, the iron! -! -So, the commonly used stereo line material has used copper and a kind of metal of silver mainly. Pure silver, it will oxidize in the air that the pure copper is exposed, the gold will be plated and kept in touch and clicking only as protecting the body. Utilize gold not to know the essential characteristic oxidized, as protecting the membrane, it is more beautiful and advanced to enable contacting the appearance clicked too. Even if the pure gold of 4N (99.99%), the electric conductivity can not compare with the pure copper of 2N (99%) either.

(3)Application of the insulating medium

 Insulating medium in the line material is much diversified, but the best insulating medium in the world is besides “vacuum ", one kind is Teflon . Other materials are sneaking the electric capacity of the cloth, the high pressure is led and cut down etc. openly, and difference is too far.

(4) Conductor resonance
   On the electric current when the conductor (line material), verify according to the latest scientific research, besides producing the magnetic field, the essential volume of conductor will also be expanded or shrunk, this phenomenon just explains that fans are in the cable, loudspeaker line impracticable from when the ground, line material in the center pack soft object can change of tone quality, especially increase on the sense of listening to of low frequency resonance.

    Sum up the above every principle, the Indeed Hi Fi Lab researches and develops many signals lines, the loudspeaker thread. The cable cooperates and does not use with the apparatus according to the taste that the player listens to the music. Replay the result and dare to challenge any line material sold for more than 4 times. Some elite’s players have already verified our on-line achievement that is made while developing of material with one's own ears.

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