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If you want to save money, and hear good sound again, there is only one way listening to the domestic electron tube.
Somebody suspects electron tube, they worry about the electron tube and get the trouble, they afraid that electron tube is short-lived and dislike the appearance of electron tube. In fact, these questions are mostly prejudice, a lot of views are that the transistor is developed in initial stage; it has exaggerated the defect for the electron tube in order to propagate the transistor.
The valve amplifier of electron tube is played not troublesome, but also there is much enjoyment - -The same work putting machine, use the electron tube of different producer, different period instead, the sound will change a great deal. Certainly, you can have used all the time with the electron tube of the former factory too, you will find, its sound in different periods will have some delicate changes: The new machine will usually be a bit harder , be quicker, will melt gently progressively afterwards, the speed of the sound will be slowed down too.
Electron tube can ¡°sex¡± it is higher than transistor to want, overload capacity might as well a little , protect circuit little and a lot of, radio station , plane , satellite grounded receiving station ,etc. still use the electron tube in a large amount now. Talk about the life-span question of the electron tube, so long as you think about the television of the family will be understood, the picture tube is actually a big electron tube, though its life-span of marking has 5,000 hours only, but its real life-span is very long, what the television of 8-10 is being still used is customary, but its luminance and contrast ratio have already dropped. The electron tube of the home audio frequency is usually smaller, voltage and air pressure are far smaller than the picture tube, increase of time can make sound to be progressively gentle to take only, speed slacken a bit, four light, five light radio of many the fifties and the sissies can it uses to be a clear proof still up to now and the manufacturing engineering of the electron tube improves by a wide margin now, so, needn't worry about the life-span question of the electron tube.
Put and generally weld the craft by setting up a shed in good electron tube work , the volume of the components and parts should be far greater than the transistor machine, the inherent line totally adopts the electric wire cable, the leeway of selecting machine and rubbing machine is very large, there are a lot of substitutes of the tube , it is very convenient  to maintain too! the recovering and will be better than the transistor machine greatly of machine maintenance, can appear transistor machine make awkward state that can't be repaired because a certain tube is damaged never. The sound of the electron tube machine is more thick , comparatively speaking, the control , frequently loud promotion , dynamic increase of the noise are more difficult, the investigation that must be overall while choosing, receive to lose just and sound only with the voice, unless you are only used for listening to the voice.
It must take a little time more while choosing the electron tube machine, after starting the machine an hour , touch the power transformer and output transformer, feeling the following their temperature, similar products, it is good that temperature is low. Whether there are noises to listen to the voltage transformer, pull out the signal source, turn on great volume, listened to the noise in the loudspeaker, including the noises of high frequency and low frequency, left 1 meter of loudspeakers, these noises can't almost be smelt. While testing , not only there should be voice , should but also have the piano , violin , symphony or ensemble of traditional instruments, must test some trends heavy song a bit , can't stare at some kind of music¡¯s attach undue importance to one thing to the neglect of the other, because some electron tube work showing machines can only display the music with good intermediate frequency , high frequency can not go up, bass can not come down, frequently loud and very narrow, feel excellent to hear for the first time, hear getting long to can is it get fed up to produce, because they only for cater to some psychology of restoring ancient ways of people, attempted to totally get back to magnetic tape deck , gramophone , in medium wave radio era, so long as intermediate frequency was good and enough in the apparatus at that time, present CD , SACD , DVD-AUDIO require the sound to be loud with the trends frequently more and more.
There are a lot of kinds of the electron tube, the commonly more used one is but not a lot of, among them the EL84, EL34, KT88, 300B are the most daily again, the production of these tubes were regarded Russia, eastern Europe and our country as much, the amount of production is large, the price is cheap and quality is steady, the general fan is suitable for from the moment that the work that these tubes form is put and played. The power of EL84 is small, generally in charge of recommending for pair, the power is about 10-12 watts; EL34 is in the majority with one pair of one that is in charge of recommending, power is about 30-35 watts; the power of KT-88 with a bit larger, the power around 8-10 watts. The ones that need proving are, the power putting in work of the electron tube is different from the power putting in ordinary transistor machine Class B or the first class-B work, because the voltage transformer is exported, its driving force and power validity are very high, according to now ordinary sensitivity of audio amplifier, watt of powers voice already heavy enough in more than ten square meter in room.
It is produced completely by hand that the work of the electron tube is put, the circuits are all ripe and classical,so difficult point that make whether voltage transformer make, structural design and production technology, experience and technical know-how and important in production, so don't take the risk of buying the products of the new factory, even if it totally models according to a certain device, its is unripe but exposed quickly too.
The ones that put present appearance and before greatly in work of the electron tube are different, become beautiful rich in artistry than general transistor machine , see several gallbladder machine of our station, there is domestic some other brands product that works and all seems to coordinate very much, the stainless steel chassis of surface of the mirror mixes with the real wooden panel of birch, luxurious and feel cordial naturally , the metal paint that voltage transformer shell and electron tube have covered the shell and adopted the automobile even more, the complete machine does not have a silk burr, workmanship is extremely meticulous . Puts the sound of pushing away and can have been heard for a long time by people, and will like more and more in work of the electron tube ; Its thick , fine and smooth sound and abundant overtone, have already made a lot of people fascinated, are you interested to have a try?

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Peter Cheung / Indeed Hi Fi lab        2007-4-4